Exploring Metasocieties in the Metaverse: Economic and Management Perspectives

Metasocieties in metaverse: Metaeconomics and metamanagement for metaenterprises and metacities
FY Wang, R Qin, X Wang, B Hu

This paper, authored by FY Wang, R Qin, X Wang, and B Hu, presents an accessible examination of metasocieties within the metaverse. It focuses on the concepts of metaeconomics and metamanagement as they relate to metaenterprises and metacities.

Metasocieties in the Metaverse:
Metasocieties refer to the social structures and dynamics that emerge within the metaverse. In this virtual realm, people interact, collaborate, and form communities, creating unique economic and management challenges.

Metaeconomics explores the economic principles governing metasocieties. It delves into virtual economies, digital currencies, and the exchange of goods and services within the metaverse. Understanding metaeconomics helps uncover new opportunities and address economic issues unique to this digital landscape.

Metamanagement focuses on the effective management of metasocieties. It encompasses strategies and practices tailored for virtual communities, metaenterprises, and metacities. Successful metamanagement involves nurturing collaboration, promoting virtual teamwork, and addressing the challenges of remote interactions.

Metaenterprises are businesses operating within the metaverse. They leverage the virtual environment to provide products, services, and employment opportunities. Strategies such as virtual marketing, virtual supply chains, and innovative business models are crucial for the success of metaenterprises.

Metacities represent virtual urban environments within the metaverse. They involve virtual planning, governance, and infrastructure development. Managing metacities involves considering virtual citizen participation, virtual public services, and virtual urban sustainability.

This paper provides insights into metasocieties within the metaverse, with a focus on metaeconomics and metamanagement. Understanding the economic principles and management strategies specific to the metaverse is crucial for the success of metaenterprises and the development of sustainable metacities. As the metaverse continues to evolve, further exploration and research in these areas will be vital for fostering thriving metasocieties in this digital realm.